Systemic Effects Of The Venom Of A Snake

The general effects from the venom of snakes vary with the nature of the snakes. Cobra and Kraittes venom are mostly neurotoxic, while those of vipers are histotoxic and hemorrhagic. There are different problems occur due the bite of snakes. The effects from various snake bites are as follows:

Viper bites: With these types of bites, the hemorrhagic presences appear in the nature of wide staining, bleeding starts from the bitten part and injection sites, bleeding from the gums, epistaxis. Bleeding may exsanguinate the patient and produce shock in his body.

Cobra and Krait bites: After the bite the patient suffer from the sinking feeling, drowsiness and blurring of vision. You can visit to know effects of cobra venom. Shock may occur to patient within 48 hours and may lead to death. The limbs show flaccid paralysis. Various diseases like pulmonary edema and hemorrhage may develop and person is not able to live life happily. Rarely, optic neuritis may develop leading to partial or complete blindness in 2-7 days.

Renal changes: The most frequent and dreaded complication is auric renal failure developing as a result of direct nephrotoxicity of the venom. Lesions include acute tubular necrosis.

The Signs of envenomation occur within one hour and initial symptoms comprise of pain and toughness of the muscles of the neck, back and proximal portions of the limbs. The overall mortality of the poisonous bites is 10-15%. Diagnosis must be done from the history, and description of the snake.

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