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If you are looking for software that is all-in-one, this is the software for you. Like others it allows you to work on 3D and 2D designs. ArchiCAD was not developed with only professionals in mind; architectural students and first timers of design can also use it. The user’s potential is easily maximized because the software is easy to use. Other architectural design software might be out there that has similar features that are compatible to this application; however, the efficiency of work is very hard to top.

Vectorworks Architecture

This particular architectural design software might not be as user friendly as others: however, its complexity will result in the production of extraordinary outcomes, creating projects that are exceptional. To be very honest, it will take you long frustrating hours to learn its complexity, but it will be worth your time. Overtime, through continuous use it will become easier to use; task will become easier and you will generate designs that are out of the box. This software too has information modelling for building. This architectural design software is more suited for professionals in architectural design, but if you are a first timer or a student who doesn’t want to limit your capabilities, you can give this software a try.

The above list clearly does not even come close to exhausting the great number of architectural design software out on the market. However, the above mentions come highly recommended.

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