Resolution Nullifying Privacy Requirements For Internet Providers

Donald Trump photo

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Resolution nullifying privacy requirements for Internet providers signed by Trump

President Donald Trump recently signed a resolution that reverses last year’s ruling that internet providers could not collect and sell users’ browsing history. Congress approved this move last week and the White House did share that it would support the resolution. The Senate members voted according their parties, with 15 Republicans opposing the House’s resolution in the manner it was presented.

No changes are foreseen because the original rules would have come into force this year. Those rules will not materialize at this time. Also, it is unlikely that any similar rules will be passed in the short term since the Congressional Review Act does not allow it.

Broadband providers are only now being considered telecommunications services and the FTC does not regulate them. The FCC is trying to address that challenge; however, until it is sorted out, your browsing data is not private.

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