Painting Your Hardwood Floor

Painting Your Hardwood Floor?

Painting your hardwood flooring smacks of heresy. Many homeowners do so, not because they do not like the appearance of natural wood, but because they have something better or even more attractive in thoughts. Painting a hardwood floor doesn’t automatically mean painting on the whole floor. You can paint a border or a layout, and leave the remaining part of the flooring as is. Just as it requires a moment for an artist to first touch a brush into a blank canvas, you could be forgiven should you hesitate to put the very first drop of paint on an attractive hardwood floor. You may even change your mind in the last minute.

Painting your hardware floor
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Develop a Medallion

 A medallion could be made up of different colors, hues, and varieties of wood, stone, and sometimes even leather. Think of a layout you’d enjoy, check with a professional flooring installer to choose the species of wood or alternative substances to be used, and possess the work of art embedded in your floor. Setting a medallion in place will be a labor intensive job, although there are factory-finished medallions on the market.

Antique Your Flooring

Antiquing your hardwood flooring requires a certain quantity of bravado, particularly if the flooring is comparatively new. Everything you’re trying to do here would be to make it look old and worn. Normally, this is the opposite of what most folks need to do with their floors, but in the event you are willing to go through the trouble, or pay for anyone to hand distress your flooring, the consequences could be striking. On the other hand, they may not be, and it is time to rent a sander.

These are simply four thoughts. The purpose is, by believing somewhat outside the envelope, you can create flooring which goes beyond being beautiful and captivating, and create flooring which is a true work of art, if not a masterpiece.  You can get more information on hardwood floors, look at Brandsen Hardwood.

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