Making a Big Step Forward: Acquiring your CA Insurance License

Deciding to become a California insurance agent is a huge leap for anyone, and it requires dedication and a lot of research. Before taking the licensing exam, there are certain requirements that you have to accomplish first and some other things to do. Here are some of them:

Choose the type of license that you want to have
You cannot be an all-around insurance agent and settle on any type of insurance that you want. There are various types of licenses that you can read about and choose from on the California Department of Insurance website. You can decide to be a public insurance adjuster, a stock agent, a personal lines broker-agent, among others. You should be careful when choosing the type of license that you want to have and make sure that it will help you with the career path that you want to take.

Get a list of the requirements that you need to submit before and after taking the exam.
Before having a California insurance license, you must meet certain qualifications set by the state government. If you want to become a public adjuster, you must have a minimum of two years experience in the insurance adjusting field, and fulfill a continuing education requirement of 24 hours during your licenses two-year validity period. Once you have understood and met the requirements, you can download the necessary documents from the CDI website and send them to the department.

Prepare for the licensing exam
Look for courses and trainings online that will meet your needs for the upcoming licensing test. The CDI have recommended a list of study materials that you can get from various online e-learning solution websites. You can buy the individual courses online and study them at your own pace and have some pre-exam tests to hone your knowledge of the field. Make sure the courses that you will download are approved by the CDI before you purchase them.

Dont forget your CE courses
Once you pass the exam and become a licensed California insurance agent, you should not forget about your required continuing education courses and take them when you have the time. You can renew your license within one year after its expiry and youll have to pay the renewal fees.

Making a Big Step Forward: Acquiring your CA Insurance License by
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