What Abnormal Testosterone Results Mean

Before one can be told to start the use of a Testosterone Booster, they have to be checked and this has to be done through a testosterone test. This is what will determine the levels of testosterone in your blood. When the test is done, then your doctor will use the results so obtained to gauge on the kind of treatment that you will need.

If your testosterone results are not normal, then it means that you will need to be put under the testosterone therapy where artificial testosterone will be used to help you to boost the low production in your body.

There may also be a situation where the results show abnormal results such that your body is producing more of this hormone than is needed. Here, it means that you may suffer some illnesses as a result of this high production of this hormone. Increased testosterone levels means that you will have resistance to the actions of the male hormone. You may suffer cancer of the testes as well as cancer of the ovaries for the women.

When this happens in boys, then it means that they will have premature puberty and this means that they will develop earlier than is the trend.

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