Must Have Items in Your Tackle Box

Fishing is a fantastic sport and a great way to relax. Part of the enjoyment of fishing is not only the act of catching a fish itself; it is also collecting all those items to fill up your tackle box. I have spent many an hour in a fishing tackle shop gazing at everything they have to offer and quite often spending more than I should on tackle box accessories. Quite often the things we buy are not a necessity, but more of a luxury. However there are some must have items that I would highly recommend taking on any fishing trip.

One of the first things I would recommend is a spare fishing rod. Its not technically a tackle box item but taking a spare rod can be a good investment. There would be nothing worse than arriving at the lake on the perfect fishing day only to find your rod has been damaged in transit. Keeping a spare with you will always make sure you have something to fall back on. It can also be a cheap rod too, there is no need to spend a lot of money on a spare that might not get a lot of use and is only there for an emergency.

Some of the things I like to keep in my tackle box are not necessarily bought from a tackle shop. Scissors, or a good knife are a must have for cutting line, bait and making rigs. If you forget to take something to cut with, it makes your whole day a lot more difficult. Glue is another item that I like to take for running repairs and gluing baits to the hook if needed. Speaking of hooks, I always make sure I take plenty of them and in a variety of sizes to make sure I never run out; if you have nothing to hook the fish with, you are not going to catch anything.

Other must have items in my tackle box would be a selection of weights and a selection of floats. When you turn up to a fishing venue you need to be prepared for any situation, so taking floats and weights means you can present your bait in any depth of water depending on where the fish are on that specific day. Last on my list of must have items would be a set of weighing scales and a camera. If you catch the fish of a lifetime, you will kick yourself if you have no means to weigh it and nothing to take a picture with.

There are other items that many people like taking fishing but these are the ones I must have at all times. If I have all of the above then I know I am prepared for any eventuality.

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