Is Inbox Blueprint a Scam

You should know that the program Inbox Blueprint is a Scam,and also that your money is at stake. You are very likely to have yourself taken advantage of with no hope of recovering from the financial disaster that is to come. I am sorry that you would fall for such a mediocre scam.

It is not legal for them to do this because any trading that is done must file with the SEC and the Federal Reserve to avoid such scams. Companies has also been known to invest in fake offshore companies to steal money from investors. Fortune 500 Companies are the worst at this and dont know how to cope with being second best. Owning less than 25 percent of a market share can also be detrimental to a firms ability to be profitable.

The government has not been kind to investors and seems to think a company has a right to be profitable. Unions in local areas have been suffering from this sort of mentality. Conservative politicians deem them an anti-trust violation. Who is to say what a persons labor is worth? They are pretty much hired negotiators for wages and benefits. They are not an Inbox Blueprint Scam that is out to get your money.

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