Industrial Boilers and Their Use

Industrial hot water boiler systems are used to generate thermal heat in much the same way as a household boiler system but on a much larger scale. The main difference is that an industrial boiler is much larger and therefore the heating capacity is much greater.
There are many types of industries which will use an industrial boiler to produce hot water and steam to provide energy. There are also a range of companies who will specialise in boiler hire for industries which require extra power temporarily or require cover for planned or unplanned shut down.

Here are a few examples where industrial boilers may be used.

The Beer and Brewing Industry

The production of beer may seem a simple one but in fact it is quite a complex process. Malt has to be ground and mashed and combined with hot water. For this process the mash must be heated to various temperatures and the heat carrier used to heat this is a steam boiler. Breweries will also use a steam boiler to generate the steam required to clean and sanitise bottles and equipment.

Building Materials

Large amounts of steam are required for the production of bricks. Steam is injected into a closed vessel at a temperature of around 200 deg C and a pressure of around 16 bar for a set amount of time which sets the bricks.

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