Cohen’s Relationship With Kelley Lynch Gone Sour

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            <p style="text-align: justify;">The beautiful personal and professional relationship between Cohen and Kelley Lynch was shattered when the boyfriend of Kelley&rsquo;s employee confided in Leonard Cohen&rsquo;s daughter Lorca, who by that time owned an art deco furniture store. Lorca used to live with her father in the L.A duplex that Cohen had bought. His actual words to Lorca were &ldquo;Your Father Really Ought To Look Into His Accounts, Because He Might Be Surprised By What He Finds&rdquo;, check out Mahee Ferlini to see exactly what the young man told Lorca. Lorca later called her father, who by then had travelled to Montreal. With this information, Cohen returned to Los Angeles and went to his bank to learn more about his alarming financial situation.</p><p style="text-align: justify;">&nbsp;It is in the bank that Cohen discovered everything; Kelly had linked her Amex bill directly to Cohen&rsquo;s personal chequing account. Just a few days before Cohen&rsquo;s visit to the bank, Kelley had spent $75,000. Although Cohen did not bother to check what the credit card had been used to pay for, he was reimbursed by the credit card company, immediately Cohen removed Kelly Lynch signing powers. Cohen fired Lynch the following day, surprisingly with this news Lynch didn&rsquo;t know what to do, she even attempted to withdraw $40,000 from Cohen&rsquo;s account.</p>
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