Where Do Wireless Surround Sound Loudspeaker Products Obtain Their Power?

Other people, having said that, work with speaker wireless kits in order to get rid of at least the long speaker cable in between the Home theater receiver and rear speakers. Both the transmitter and receiver which are part of the wireless product require power and hence have to be connected to an outlet. Cordless receivers which have an external wallwart don't need to incorporate a power source. The power source of wireless speaker kits must satisfy numerous prerequisites. Also, the power supply mustn't overheat during normal operation and have sufficient protection in the case of an overload. If the power supply is built-in into the wireless receiver then the receiver carries the symbol.

One more essential prerequisite is that the power source supply ample current for the built-in wireless signal receiver and audio amp. All power sources for music amplifiers are built to provide a continuous current sufficient for the amp to meet the RMS rating for 10 minutes before overheating. More vital than the continuous current specification is the peak current rating. Without a doubt a majority of modern consumer systems work with switched-mode power supplies because of their smaller size. Lastly, the power source should have sufficient overload and also over-temperature safeguards in order to keep everything secure in case there is a fault of the audio amplifier.

Where Do Wireless Surround Sound Loudspeaker Products Obtain Their Power? by
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