What Makes Than Merrill Popular?

Who is Than Merrill? This is a popular American businessman. Than has come to be known as one of the most successful real estate investors nationwide. He has been involved in buying and selling of hundreds of properties for over ten years now that he has been in real estate business. As the founder and CEO of CT Homes, he has managed to make over 1,000 transactions in real estate business through this company.

Than is also known for his passion to build other people in order to help them make it in life. It is through this passion that he started the FortuneBuilders.com, a company that offers training and education to aspiring investors on how to invest the right way. Than is a graduate of Yale University and this is where he discovered much of his potential. For the time he has been in the real estate business, he attributes his success to his many investment strategies.

Two of the strategies that has helped him register this success are marketing and wholesaling. Than shares this through his book published in 2014 that is titled The Real Estate Wholesaling Bible. Than is not only a real estate investor but he is also an entrepreneur, a TV personality as well as a published investor. He is also sought after due to his speaking talent. 


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