What Can Ephedra Diet Pills Do To You?

Everyone who has been fighting with extra pounds has at least once considered taking some of the diet pills. Nonetheless, just a few of them can really work, and there are even many harmful effects to expect. Hoodia and ephedra as the most popular diet supplements can speed the weight loss process, but they are far from light diet herbs. Here are some facts that can help one decide whether to turn to diet pills or not.

Most of popular diet pills can only help a person lose some extra water, while fat quantity stays the same, and this can be very dangerous and lead to dehydration. The diet pills can be only the short-term solution, because taking them does not help a person adopt a healthier lifestyle, and once one stops using pills, the pounds start coming back. When it comes to side-effect that can come along with diet pills, the most usual one is upset stomach, and if the pills are too aggressive, they may lead to heart problems. Most of these products contain amphetamines and anti-depressants, and after some time of using them, one can easily get addicted to them. Many diet pills, such as those containing the ephedra alkaloids are banned due to its hazardous effects, so nothing is worth risking the health for.

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