Tips for Choosing Slot Car Racing Sets for Kids

Slot car racing is one of the most fun hobbies any kid can have. They not only provide excitement but also a means for which kids can practice healthy competition with one another. If you are not sure whether to choose 1/32 slot car sets or the 1/43 variant, here are a few tips that can help you decide.

1/32 Scale Models

The 1/32 scale model of slot cars is about five inches in length, which is approximately the length of the palm of your hand all the way to the fingertips. These are made out of sturdy plastic with insulated slots, which is quite convenient if ever a screw happens to fall in. The scale model cars are very durable and are quite perfect for kids and kids at heart. They also come complete with sticker decals that kids will surely love to put on. Moreover, the speed of the controllers can be customized so as to assist kids stay within the tracks.

1/43 Scale Models

Carrera slots and SCX are the major players in this category. Comparing the 1/43 scale with that of the 1/32, the former is much more narrower than the latter. These cars are about four inches in length so it is quite perfect for those that have little space for the tracks. Compared to the 1/32, the 1/43-scale models are considered much faster cars. Most dads would prefer the 1/32 but for kids that want to have speed then this is the slot car scale model for them.

Carrera slots 1/43 line up consists of both an analog (Carrera Go) and a digital (Carrera Digital143) the great thing about these is that both models use the same analog track. The digital slot has special sections where you can change lanes and can be fitted with the straight analog sections. Whatever you end up choosing do not forget to have fun racing these exciting slot car sets with your kids.
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