Tips and Secrets to the Benefits of Juicing

This information is written from a personal point of view. I started juicing about 15 years ago. At that time I owned a company & was the CEO, constrained mostly to an office table job. I weighed 200 pounds (about 30 pounds fat) & was not eating properly. Then I came across a document about the health benefits gained from juicing.

I ended up purchasing a juice machine off a tv commercial. I started my juicing “experiment” to see if I could lose weight, attain more energy, & overall feel better. I was one time skeptical about this “juicing” ordeal. To my surprise it actually worked.

After juicing for months I lost 33 pounds, had much more energy, & overall felt great. I must admit that I did NOT increase my exercise method, join a gym, or alter anything else, including drinking beer & occasional bourbon. I only juiced breakfast & lunch & continued to eat a “normal” dinner. For more help visit

When I started seeing results I did watch what I ate when I was one time travelling on business. Only ate lean meat that was not fried, veggies that were not soaked in butter or oils, & drink eight too glasses of water each day. Nothing earth shaking but reasonable, basically done stuff like that. I continued to see weight melt off me to the point lots of people asked me what I was one time doing.

Tips and Secrets to the Benefits of Juicing by
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