Slim IPhone 5 Glass Screen Protectors For Your Phone

This is a generation where slim electronic gadgets are very admirable and thus are found suitable. With this in mind, having your iPhone protected with slim iPhone 5 glass screen protector will give you a smart look as well as a good fitting to the general community. The glass protector is about 28% lighter and thinner compared to the other protectors such that when having it on your phone gives you the best outlook. Most of them have got edges that are rounded thus adding good value to your phone you will get the best experience with them.

They have been designed such that to deflect cracks as well as shocks from drops and bumps that you encounter every day. The iPhone 5 glass screen protector surface is hard actually three times harder than the normal ones. Actually, it cannot be scratched with objects that are hard like keys and knives. They have got also a coating that is made from oleo phobic material which will prevent fingerprint marks as well as other contaminants. Its film will also be very easy when it comes to clean. The glass also breaks into pieces that are very small, which will ensure you are not injured when it come to accidentally breakage.

Slim IPhone 5 Glass Screen Protectors For Your Phone by
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