Plumber in San Clemente Shows How to Deal with Toilet Issues

Toilet problems are some of the most common plumbing issues experienced in many households, which is why it is important to know how to deal with some of them.

Phantom Flushes
A plumber in San Clemente explains that phantom flushes are those instances when your toilet spontaneously refill just like someone just flushed it. This is commonly attributed to a slow leak coming from the tank and into the bowl. This is almost always caused by a flapper or flapper seat that has been worn out or damaged. It is relatively easy to replace this component, but you must remember to turn off the water supply first and flush the toilet to drain any water in the tank.

Sustained Hissing Sound
This problem is usually caused by water trickling into the tank from the supply line. The most common culprits for this toilet plumbing issue would be the float, ballcock, or refill tube. The hissing sound comes from the water coming into the inlet valve. Turn off the water supply to the toilet and carefully remove the tank cover. Make sure that the float is not sticking or the refill tube is not inserted too far. If adjusting them does not solve the problem, you need to have the ballcock assembly replaced.

Leaking Seals
Another common toilet problem Scott English Plumbing frequently encounters is leaking seals. There are about five different seals on a standard toilet that are all prone to damage and being worn out. Once these seals break, different types of problems can be encountered from a small leak to a flooded bathroom. Smaller seals can be fairly easy to replace, but the larger seal at the base of the toilet needs the attention of professional plumbing contractors.

Plumber in San Clemente Shows How to Deal with Toilet Issues by
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