Limo Rental Charges to Lookout For

Determining the final cost for 5 Star Limousine service always factors in these seldom understood charges.

Service Surcharges

Normally cheap and less than credible limo service providers are the ones that heavily impose these surcharges. They seem to present an upfront discount that can be very attractive because it is extremely low. Unfortunately, money is made by these types of limo service providers from the various surcharges that they impose.

One of the most common surcharges imposed by limo service providers is the fuel surcharge cost that is 10% of the cost of rental. This is used to cover the rising cost of fuel as well as the inflated workman’s comp rates. This type of surcharge is acceptable, but anything else can be considered purely profit motivated.

Hidden Service Charges
Aside from the surcharges that are imposed on customers, be extra careful of other hidden charges that may be slipped into your bill by some limo service providers. More reputable limo service providers may impose parking and airport taxes from time to time, but on a case to case basis, these charges may be waived.

You need to make sure that you review the bill for the presence of any bogus taxes that can be added without your knowledge. It is important to point out that limo service is not imposed local or state sales tax, which means inclusion of these in your bill are fraudulent and must never be paid. This would also give you a clear indication of how reliable and professional the limo service provider is.

Before signing any agreement, make sure to ask the Milton limo service provider you have chosen to run down the charges that will be added to your bill. This will give you the chance to research if these additional charges are bogus or not.

Overages on Limo Services

The charges on overages refer to the amount of time that you actually exceed the agreed or contracted service time for the limo rental. You need to be aware of just how much the limo service provider imposes on overages to have an idea of the amount you will add on the basic bill.

In most instances, the overages are computed in increments of 15 minutes, but there are some service provides that compute by the hour. Normally, those that charge by the hour are considered a bit unscrupulous. These same service providers also usually go overboard with the overages to the extent that you may be billed for another six hours for the extended use of the service.

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