Laser Metal Cutting Methods

Laser Metal Cutting Methods

The use of laser beams for metal cutting varies on their basis of absorption rate and specific wavelengths that is required to cut a specific types of metal. By adjusting these parameters to their specified requirements, laser beams can now be used for several metal cutting methods. Among these methods are:

Laser Metal Ablation

In this metal cutting method only the surface of the metal gets burned. The energy of the laser beam is set to a minimal that when the laser beam comes into contact with metal, only the surface reacts to the beam. This laser technique is so accurate that it has even been used for medical procedures as well.

Laser Metal Engraving

During the process of laser metal engraving, the material that the laser comes into contact with vaporizes creating an etched surface. To do this, the energy of the laser beam is set to go beyond certain parameters to be able to burn through electrically conductive metals and alloys. A cone shaped indentations is created by the laser beam from the heat that it produces. Thereby leaving an etched surface of the metal it comes into contact with but not necessarily cutting it into half.

Laser Metal Cutting

As with laser metal engraving, the energy of the laser beam is intensified. However, this time it is increased beyond the level of energy for laser metal engraving. The result provides the laser beam with the appropriate energy to cut through metal. The material is either melted or vaporised in the precise area to cut it into half.

The use of laser to cut metal has never been so accurate and precise with the advent of todays technology. Mostly regarded as only for industrial and military use, laser beam technology is now widely used for metal cutting.

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