How To Choose An Attractive Business Name

Majority of business owner dont realize it, but picking up an attractive business name is a hard decision. A great business name is one that attracts customers and can really give your business a charm to reach at top position. Do you think Google would have created the fanatical sensation it has with a name like Search Engine USA?

If it is your business it should be a name that you like and that links back to your unique value proposition and the personality of your company. People will ask you, where you came up with your name. Picking a name should happen over a period of time, not in a day or an hour. During these brain storming sessions you should work through these eight rules for choosing a business name:

a) Be distinctive and be memorable, but be easy to spell and pronounce.

Your potential clients should be able to easily remember your business name. However, they also need to be able to find it easily if they’re looking for it in a phone book, directory or online. So choosing a business name such as “Phorgetmeekknot” is not a good idea. While we usually encourage the unique, we also suggest that you be unique without the difficult spellings. You can get technology business names from online sources.

b) An attractive business name needs a visual element.

What popped into your head when you read “Phorgetmeekknot?” Most people wouldn’t visualize anything when they read this name. Generally we are hard-wired to “See” images when we read or hear language. Your business name should be easy to pronounce.

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