How Much Wattage Do Wireless Surround Sound Kits Offer?

When using a wireless surround kit to connect a speaker or pair of speakers, you may wonder whether the wattage of the wireless receiver unit is comparable to the wattage that you would get if you hooked up the speaker directly to your AV receiver. This concern is understandable since you want to match the wattage of your rear speakers to the wattage of your front speakers. So when purchasing a wireless kit you want to pay special attention to the wattage rating of the receiver unit.

It is not critical though to match the wattage of your AV receiver fully as the rear speakers rarely ever broadcast the same level of audio as the front speakers. By looking at the web sites of wireless speaker kit manufacturers such as you can easily find the wattage rating. You should make sure that the rating is at least half of the rating that your AV receiver provides. Note though that the rating many AV receiver manufacturers publish is the total wattage, not the wattage of a single channel. So you may need to divide the AV receiver wattage by the number of speaker channels or simply check to find the rating of an individual channel.

How Much Wattage Do Wireless Surround Sound Kits Offer? by
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