How Financial Planners Can Use Words to Reach, Persuade and Connect

A few weeks ago I attended a free evening promotion class led by local business coaches. Each owns a coaching franchise and are part of a worldwide coaching organization.

The knowledge was confusing, the slides were dated and unreadable. The graphs and charts redefined ugly. The audience in the room looked remarkably similar to the slumping bodies I used to sit next to in my Art History survey classes, back in my college days. They were all bored foolish. You can also visit to get more info.

Then, business coach “T”, announced, “We’re not advancing any new ideas here.”

That woke me up like a bucket of ice water over my head. None? ?

I was one time struck by these facts. No new ideas. And, a worldwide organization unable to clearly and effectively communicate relevant, important, and yes, new, knowledge to its audience. They weren’t connecting. Not a whiff of inspiration, either. You can also get info about best way to invest money.

I am a freelance copywriter and I work with a few financial planners. I am skittish around money matters myself and I am fascinated by the challenge that financial planners have in persuading people to take care of business. All this led me to a thought experiment.

Take the same scenario described above, but replace the coaches with financial planners. They are facing a roomful of comparatively well-off couples and individuals. An ideal audience – prepared and willing to absorb and act on what they see and listen to.

Sadly, much like our business coaches, our financial planners deliver a confusing, uninspiring, and forgettable presentation. Not person signs up for anything, for the obvious reason that their money and their futures are at stake.

As a Financial Planner, Your Net site Is Your Presentation

As a financial planner, you are intimately involved with peoples money and money, as they know, is a loaded topic. Somebody who is serious and passionate about helping people with their finances, basically cannot afford to deliver a poor presentation.

So what to do? How do you improve your presentation? What ought to you say and how ought to you say it? I have put together a few thoughts, specifically about the words you use to reach and connect with customers.

Take a Customer-Focused Approach

The words you use on your site communicate to the visitor what your focus is. If your home page blasts a 72 point headline that says, “We’re the No. one Financial Planning Firm in the Whole Western U.S. then it is clear where your focus is. It is on yourself and your amazing Number One-ness.

In this instance, you are “marketing” to people which means you are not having a conversation with them. And all promotion is conversation. And not to put fine a point on it, but who cares in case you are No. one? What does that must do with me and my issues and concerns about money?

How Financial Planners Can Use Words to Reach, Persuade and Connect by
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