Dr. Tony Mork: Examining Review Filtering

Review sites usually apply complicated mathematical formulas to recognize and remove doctor reviews that are suspiciously negative or positive. They weed out these reviews because they consider them fake and misleading, or to have been posted by interested parties, business owners, or their competitors. Equally, formulas are used to manage the processes of making review orders on the pages and to control the appearance of reviews that have not been deleted.

The review filtering process has usually been criticized for being unfair. For instance, critics say that some reviews just disappear from the review sites while others that look suspicious remain on the sites. Moreover, the sites are also criticized for giving more prominence to those who post frequently and giving little weight to those who make infrequent or guest posts. These, critics say, reduce the reliability of many reviews posted online.

According to Dr. Tony Mork, however, such criticism is justified but unnecessary. Dr. Mork affirms that every system used for anything has its limitations, but that does not make the systems obsolete and useless. There is a point in these criticisms. Unfairness in the filtering process does exist, but the way to deal with it is not to ignore the reviews. Orthopedic surgeons and all individuals dealing with reviewing sites should be vigilant and should help review sites to weed out suspicious reviews, says Dr. Tony Mork.

While Dr. Tony Mork advocates a balanced look at the reviews, some surgeons have registered their dissatisfaction with the way some filtering systems remove posts by genuine customers and allow for positive posts made by fake reviewers. Similarly, some orthopedic surgeons still complain about the way negative reviews are given higher scores and placed higher on the pages than positive reviews. According to these surgeons, the usage of these filtering systems allows customers to be swayed by fake reviewers and to get low quality services. But Dr. Mork insists that filtering systems cannot be eliminated. He, however, suggests that surgeons should cooperate with sites in eliminating fake reviews.

Dr. Tony Mork: Examining Review Filtering by
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