Do You Have Poor Ankle Health?

Having an issue with your ankle can cause more of a problem than you anticipate. Your ankles are the first major weight bearing joint from the ground to your body. Even a slight issue with your ankle can amplify the impact is has on your knee, pelvis, and low back. Dr. Wright, at this clinic, talks about a few ankle health issues that cause problems and what to do about them.

Ankle Health
  1. Pronation. This is a fancy term used for describing someone’s feet that rock inward. Think of try to touch your knees together while standing normally, you’ll see that your feet have more pressure on the inside arch. This changes the pressure on your knees, hips, and low back, causing pain and discomfort in these areas. Custom orthotics or anti-pronation foot inserts help correct this issue. If this issues isn’t corrected soon enough it can lead to bunions. 
  2. Supination. This is the opposite of pronation. Think of your foot rolling outward, as if you were to roll your ankle. Rolling an ankle is the most common reason people have this issue, and unless it is corrected it will persist, leaving them more susceptible to having another ankle injury. Having your foot adjusted by a chiropractor helps to correct the misalignment from rolling an ankle. When you roll your ankle, the cuboid and calcareous bones become severely misaligned and need re-positioned. 
  3. Flat feet- also know as collapsed arches. There are different degrees of flat feet. Some people have is mildly, and others have it severely. Either way, people with flat feet are almost always afflicted with pronation as well. When the arches collapse the feet will rock inward, causing pronation and all of the issues that come with it. Collapsed arches are common among those that are overweight and those that put a lot of stress on their feet, like runners. Custom orthotics or anti-pronation foot inserts help correct ankle health issues. Foot strengthening will also help stabilize the foot and prevent further worsening. 
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