Dealing With Dry and Slow Growing Hair

Is your hair dry and dull? Often this is caused by the auto imbalance in the production of sebum. The sebum, whose normal role is to moisturize the scalp, in the case of dry hair no longer has this function, but promotes irritation and itching. The hair loses, therefore, its elasticity and becomes opaque and fragile, more vulnerable and more exposed to the formation of split ends. In worse cases, you need a lot of Moroccan oil treatment products and know How To Style Hair with Argan Oil just to get some semblance of normalcy to your hair.

What are the causes?

On the genetic origin, dry hair can also be caused by atmospheric factors, sun, wind, sea water and swimming pool … or from bad habits such as hair rollers too tight, too brushed energy and frequent drying too hot, or unsuitable products, colors too frequent, perms, shampoo detergents too …
Promote growth: legends and grandma’s remedies
Hair grows about 1 centimeter a month. You can accelerate the pace of growth with these remedies:

The Legend of the full moon

It is said that if you cut their hair in the days of full moon, will grow twice as fast. This theory is not confirmed, but it costs nothing to try, right?

Brewer’s yeast

There are treatments based on brewer’s yeast, natural and not harmful, to facilitate the growth of hair and nails. So, two birds with one stone.

The shampoo that accelerates the growth

Shampoo must be wary of “miracle” that offer to earn five centimeters in three weeks. The question to ask is: what components were used to get a result out of the ordinary? These shampoos, lotions and other compounds “magic” generally have only a small effect devitalizing and dry hair.

Choose instead of anti-fall, do not overdo it though because, like all treatments, if you use them too often may not have the most effect.

Essential oils

Mix 5-7 drops of essential oils of rosemary to the mild shampoo to strengthen hair and stimulate their growth. It is a healthy and economical solution! In the case of split ends, try to vary: argan, coconut, sweet almond, grape seed, olive oil, wheat germ, castor oil.

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