Consider risks along with benefits when taking drugs

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            &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; In America prescription drug has become a normal part of life.&nbsp; Over 70% of population is on at least one prescription drug and 50% of the population is on 2 or more prescription drugs.&nbsp; At the same time if you look at obesity rate, they are very close as well.&nbsp; Almost 70% of the population is overweight or obese.&nbsp; They know that obesity is one of the main cause for many chronic disease they use prescription drug to cure or manage.&nbsp; Now they have started prescribing drugs to lose weight.&nbsp; So for everything they are prescribing drugs for.&nbsp;

                Average population doesn’t recognize that Pharmaceutical companies spend more money on marketing those drugs than doing research for them.  That means all they care about is selling those drugs and making more money.  They spend very little time on doing research to see if those drugs work or have any benefits.  I am sure most of you may have seen pharmaceutical reps at your doctors’ office when you go for your regular appointments.  Their goal is to get doctor to prescribe the drug and nothing more.  And since obesity rates are hiking, drugs for obesity is becoming even bigger market. 

                At my Indian Lake Medical Weight Loss Clinic Nashville TN along with Lose Fat Nashville are two of the few clinics in Tennessee that addresses obesity without use of drugs.  Most people want easy and fast solution without measuring the side-effects of taking those drugs.   Every prescription drug has a side-effect and it varies from person to person.  So if you are not calculation all the potential risks than it may help you in short term but for long term it will cause more hard or cause other health issues.  But if you are looking to lose weight naturally please contact us or any other natural weight loss clinics you may know of because prescription drugs for weight loss is never a right choice. 

Consider risks along with benefits when taking drugs by
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