Basic Tips For Digital Photography Exposure

In my book, exposure is the most important things for your photograph. So what is exposure? Exposure is that an amount of light enters your camera and then it imprints an image on the camera sensor. Actually, exposure has a very vital influence on the quality of the color of the photo. If you are poor at it, your photo even cannot be visible. So you must learn how to get a good exposure before you take photoes for others. Today, I will three basic exposure tips for digital camera.

1. Adjust your camera’s sensitivity

In order to have suitable exposure, you should adjust the light sensitivity of the camera sensor. It is very important and necessary for you. You can adjust the sensitivity through a scale called International Organization for Standardization (ISO). If you use a high ISO setting, you may get a dirty image with noise.

2. Change the aperture of your camera

Different aperture mean the camera opens a different size for light which will enter your camera. You can adjust your aperture, change it to wider or smaller. If you are using a wider aperture, you will get less field of depth. And at last less images will be exposed. By contraries, the smaller aperture will have more opportunity to exist for the image which is blurred by motion.

3. Combine the disadvantage and advantage

You know there are two main things will greatly impact your images. So you must know how to use the sensitivity and aperture in a harmonious way. For instance, for increasing the shutter speed, you can use a higher ISO setting. Different situation will require you different ways to take a photo. These basic tips you need to realise and have more practice.

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