Are iPod Docks Compatible With The 5th Generation Of iPhones?

IPod docks are a popular type of accessory that help improve the sound quality of an iPod by streaming the music to a pair of integrated speakers. In addition to dedicated iPod docks, several manufacturers also have integrated an iPod cradle into other products such as home network players and FM radios. In this post, I will discus whether these docks can be used with the latest generation of iPhones and iPods.

Apple has made a drsatic change in that it replaced the popular 30-pin docking adapter with another adapter on the newest generation iPhones and also the latest range of iPods. Most current iPod docks such as models listed at still use the previous 30-pin docking connector. As such those docks cannot be used to plug in a 5th generation iPhone. However, there are several manufacturers that have come up with 30-pin-to-8-pin converters. These parts plug into a dock and have a lightning jack at the very tip. The iPhone now can be plugged in. These adapters however are fairly tall at around 1 inch and thus there may be stability concerns.

Apple also recently has launched a series of mini iPads. These iPads also feature the lightning connector. Due to their weight these devices cannot be plugged into a dock. An adapter cable is the only option to connect an iPad.

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